Welcome To The 2DCC-MIP User Facilities

Researcher at computer monitoring growth reactorThe 2DCC’s state-of-the-art synthesis and characterization facilities support a robust external user program, as well as, a vibrant in-house research effort focused on transformative advances in the synthesis and characterization of 2D chalcogenide layered materials. The 2DCC-MIP facilities, as well as, our related facilities are available free of charge to US academic and government laboratory users upon project approval.

Thin Films Facility
Custom deposition tools with in situ and real-time characterization enable fundamental studies of epitaxy, growth and the properties of pristine 2D films.
Thin Films Virtual Tour: MBE1 (Davey 35) MBE2 (MSC 118A), MOCVD1 & MOCVD2 (both in MSC 125A)

Bulk Growth Facility
Produces high quality single crystal samples and explores new material compositions.
Bulk Growth Virtual Tour: Bridgman, CVT, Compounding (all in MSC 129A)
Flux, Other Melt Growth and Floating Zone in Davey Lab: Davey 301, 344, 346 and 347

Theory/Simulation Facility
Provides computational materials science support for user activities emphasizing the simulation of growth kinetics through first principles and reactive potential approaches.

Related Facilities
Upon project approval, 2DCC US academic and government laboratory users can also access free of charge the following 2DCC related facilities: the Materials Characterization Laboratory, Nanofabrication Laboratory, and Materials Computation Center. For more information regarding these facilities, please click on their entry on the main menu bar above.

For further information for becoming a 2DCC user, please click on the ‘Become A User’ tab at the top of this page.