The 2DCC combines a vibrant in-house research effort focused on transformative advances in the synthesis and characterization of 2D chalcogenide layered materials with a robust external user program that provides access to expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. The 2DCC user facilities include a thin films facility that is developing custom deposition tools with in situ and real-time characterization to enable fundamental studies of epitaxy, growth and the properties of pristine 2D films; a bulk growth facility to produce high quality single crystal samples and explore new material compositions and a theory/simulation facility to provide computational materials science support for user activities emphasizing the simulation of growth kinetics through first principles and reactive potential approaches.

The 2DCC platform enables cutting edge research and discovery, across in-house research and the user program, on the synthesis and characterization of 2D chalcogenide materials by a national user community guided by four science drivers: Physics of 2D Systems, Epitaxy of 2D Chalcogenides, Next-generation 2D Electronics, and Advanced Characterization and Modeling.

The 2DCC operates an active Education and Human Resources Development Program focused on activities that: (1) are synergistic with 2DCC research, (2) promote professional development of technical staff and the community of practitioners, and (3) promote usage of the facility by a diverse community of practitioners locally and nationally. 

Our Research Focus