LIST data management

Lifetime Sample Tracking (LiST) Data Management System

The 2DCC LiST data management tool employs a customized graphical user interface and data storage system to capture experimental data on all samples produced in the user facility. This includes comprehensive information on sample preparation, growth recipes, synthesis protocols and characterization data. Data can be directly uploaded from synthesis and characterization tools and customized drop-down menus provide further ease of use for 2DCC staff and facility users.

LiST currently includes data on 2500+ bulk crystals and thin film samples produced in the 2DCC facility.  Current users can request direct access to their sample data in LiST by contacting the 2DCC Data Manager ( Other interested parties can request access to non-proprietary data in LiST by submitting a Data Request via the 2DCC user proposal website (Click here).

Click here for access to LiST