The 2DCC Arc Melter with maximum temperatures of 3100oC max is placed inside the glovebox that is being utilized for arc-melt air-sensitive, high melting point alloy. By tilting the tungsten electrode, it allows for a variety of small metal/alloy smelting in sequence on the water-cooled copper hearth with six cavities. This Arc Melter is also served as arc welder to seal sample inside metallic tube for later use in the high-temperature (>1200oC) single crystal growth.



•Moveable tungsten electrode with 360o rotation and height adjustment

•Maximum temperature of 3100oC

•Water-cooled copper hearth with 6 small cavities and a tube holder

•O2 and H2O < 0.1 ppm

•Arc-melt air-sensitive alloy

•Seal metallic tube, e.g., Ta, Mo, Zr, Ni, Nb, up to 10mm diameter