Speaker: Dr. Joon Sue Lee, UT-Knoxville

Abstract: In superconductor-semiconductor hybrid systems, achieving interfaces and junctions with minimal disorder is crucial for realizing quantum phenomena associated with induced superconductivity, towards application in quantum technologies. Advances in the development of transparent interfaces by molecular beam epitaxy and clean junctions via in-situ shadowing have resulted in enhanced features of superconducting proximity effect. These schemes of in-situ deposition and shadowing of superconductors extend to quantum devices based on 1D nanowires, selectively grown in-plane 1D wires, and 2D electron gases. Furthermore, these approaches broaden the selection of superconductors by eliminating the need for selective etching of superconductors on semiconductors. In this talk, materials and devices prepared by in-situ deposition and shadowing will be demonstrated, accompanied by discussions on relevant electrical transport studies. Additionally, I will delve into the recent utilization of Sn in superconductor-semiconductor systems and the control of structural phases of Sn when grown on semiconductors.