2023 Broader Impact Highlights
FlU/2DCC PREM: Innovations in Materials, Processes and Applications for Quantum Technologies (IMPAQT)

Florida International University (FIU)/2DCC PREM IMPAQT focuses on advancing the synthesis and processing of 2D materials and 2D layered chalcogenides for fundamental studies and applications in quantum communication and sensing. Specific highlights for 2022-2023 include:

2DCC Theory/Simulation Facility trained an FIU PREM graduate student to do DFT calculations leading to a manuscript which was submitted for publication.

2DCC arranged for FIU grad students to receive training and remote access to TEM equipment and teamed them with a Penn State undergrad who worked as their on-site “hands”.

2DCC hosted 2 FIU PREM undergraduates as part of the 2DCC-Nanofab REU site during summer 2022.

2DCC created tutorials on AFM, Raman Spectroscopy and Optical Profilometry to accelerate PREM student training on equipment.



What Has Been Achieved: 2DCC collaborated with faculty and students at Florida International University through the FIU/2DCC PREM “IMPAQT”

Importance of the Achievement: The PREM provides pathways for education and career advancement for students at minority serving institutions.

Unique Feature(s) of the MIP that Enabled this Achievement: The state-of-the-art facilities available in the 2DCC-MIP combined with staff expertise provided support for theory, characterization and synthesis by PREM undergraduates and graduate students.

Acknowledgements: Financial support for the PREM program provided by NSF DMR-2122078