2021 User Research Highlights
2021 User Research Highlights

What Has Been Achieved:

Multi-dimensional imaging using scattering scanning nearfield optical microscopy (sSNOM) and Kelvin force microscopy was combined with confocal Raman microscopy and photoluminescence mapping to correlate the electronic properties of MoS2 and MoS2/graphene heterostructures to local variations in doping and strain.  The results were used to explain changes in the optical response of the material in the presence of doxorubicin, a common cancer drug.

Importance of the Achievement:

The study demonstrates the ability to use multidimensional nanoscale imaging to reveal the physical origin of a local response (adsorption of doxorubicin) providing insights that can be used to mitigate materials variability for future biosensor development.

Unique Feature(s) of the MIP that Enabled this Achievement:

MoS2 monolayers grown by MOCVD and CVD graphene samples were provided to the users for this study.


T. Ignatova, S. Pourlanejad, X. Li, K. Schmidt, F. Aryeetey, S. Aravamudhan, S. Rotkins , ACS Nano 16, 2598-2607 (2022).

S.V.R. acknowledges NSF support (CHE-2032582). T.I. and K.S. acknowledge NSF support (CHE-2032601). T.I. acknowledges a Sample Grant from The Pennsylvania State University 2DCC-MIP, which is supported by NSF cooperative agreement (DMR-1539916). Work at PSU sSNOM facility has been partially supported by NSF MRSEC (DMR-2011839). Part of this work was performed at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN), a member of the Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC), and National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI), which is supported by the NSF grant (ECCS-1542174). Scanning transmission electron microscope imaging was conducted at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences at ONRL, which is a DOE Office of Science User Facility.

Credits/Names: T. Ignatova, S. Pourianejad and K. Schmidt (UNC-Greensboro); F. Aryeetey and S. Aravamudhan (NCA&T); S. Rotkin (Penn State) B. Huet, J.M. Redwing (2DCC, Penn State)

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Year of Research Highlight: 2021

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