2020 User Research Highlights
2020 User Research Highlights

What Has Been Achieved:

We presented an elegant method that can be used to quantify atomic vacancies with sulfur terminations in 1L MoS2 created by helium ion irradiation. It is important to note that low mass of helium ion allows us to study gentle changes in crystallographic structure compared other data in literature using significantly heavier ions.

Importance of Achievement:

This paper reports on the generation and identification of (1Mo + 2S) defects. In addition, a combination of Raman and STEM measurements were used to calculate the correlation coefficient γ = 7.50 nm2. Finally, the Raman characterization agrees well with STEM measurements on decreasing degree of crystallinity in 1L MoS2 with increase in ion irradiation dose..

Unique Features of the MIP That Enabled Project:

MOCVD growth of large area MoS2 monolayers.


Aryeetey, F.: Ignatova, T.; Aravamudhan, S., Quantification of defects engineered in single layer MoS2, RSC Adv., 2020,10, 22996-23001

Credits/Names: Frederick Aryeetey (NCA&T), Tetyana Ignatova (UNCG), Shyam Aravamudhan (NCA&T)

Download PDF Version: MIP-2DCC-1539916_Quantification of defects engineered in single layer MoS2.pdf

Year of Research Highlight: 2020

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