Becoming an Onsite User: A Focus on User Safety

The 2DCC is under the auspices of the Materials Research Institute (MRI) at Penn State University, the physical home of the facility. On-site users will follow the established safety and training procedures of the MRI.

For On-Site Users

When using the 2DCC facilities, you will either be an:

Internal User (personnel employed by Penn State University), or

External User (personnel not employed by Penn State University)

All on-site users must complete required pre-requisite training in order to gain access to the Millennium Science Complex (MSC), Davey Lab and the labs within.

Required Pre-requisite Online Training

Required in-person Training

Introduction to Safety Classroom Session (on-site every Tuesday 9:00 a.m. MSC N-308A)

For step-by-step instructions to these pre-requisite training course, visit our Safety Training page.

Other specific EHS training may be required depending upon the lab to be used. Your technical contact will provide additional information as needed; Individual equipment training will be required and can be scheduled by contacting the appropriate technical or administrative staff for each facility.

Off-site users are not required to complete training as they will not be using the equipment directly.