2020 User Research Highlights
2020 User Research Highlights

What Has Been Achieved:

Through zero-field and magneto-infrared spectroscopy studies on single crystals of topological semimetal ZrSiSe, hallmarks of prominent electronic correlations in the nondal-line semimetal state have been revealed, i.e. strong reduction of the free carrier Drude weight and also the Fermi velocity compared to predictions of density functional band theory

Importance of Achievement:

Correlated electron physics and topological Dirac and Weyl semimetals are two frontiers of modern condensed matter research that remain largely separated. Correlation effects in Dirac systems are usually weak except for twisted-bilayer graphene. However, correlations are anticipated to be enhanced in  nodal-line semimetals, but this has not been verified experimentally. The demonstration of electronic correlation in the nodal-line semimetal ZrSiSe through this work  establishes a rare platform to investigate correlation-driven physics in a Dirac system

Unique Features of the MIP That Enabled Project:

Growth of high quality bulk single crystals of nodal-line semimetal ZrSiSe.


Yinming Shao, A. N. Rudenko, Jin Hu, Zhiyuan Sun, Yanglin Zhu, Seongphill Moon, A. J. Millis, Shengjun Yuan, A. I. Lichtenstein, Dmitry Smirnov,Z. Q. Mao, M. I. Katsnelson and D. N. Basov, Nature Physics 2020, DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1038/s41567-020-0859-z.

Credits/Names: Yinming Shao, Zhiyuan Sun and D. N. Basov (Univ. of Columbia, A. N. Rudenko and M. I. Katsnelson (Radboud University),…Yanglin Zhu and Zhiqiang Mao (2DCC)

Download PDF Version: MIP-2DCC-1539916_Electronic correlation of nodal-line semimetal.pdf

Year of Research Highlight: 2020

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