2021 User Research Highlights
2021 User Research Highlights

What Has Been Achieved:

Demonstrates 1D phonon-mediated thermal transport in Ta2Se3 nanowires, which is enabled by a phonon stiffening effect.

Importance of the Achievement:

This work demonstrate 1D phonons through thermal conductivity measurements on Ta2Se3 nanowires. This result would motivate other researches to explore signatures of 1D phonon transport in other quasi-1D systems.

Unique Feature(s) of the MIP that Enabled this Achievement:

Synthesis of high-quality Ta2Se3 single crystals is challenging due to the difficulty in controlling the level of disorders in grown crystals. The 2DCC has developed a protocol to grow Ta2Se3 nanowires with a minimal level of disorders. The close collaboration between the user and the 2DCC synthesis enables this work. 


Zhiliang Pan, Seng Huat Lee, Ke Wang, Zhiqiang Mao and Deyu Li, Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 062201 (2022). DOI: 10.1063/5.0083980

The authors thank the financial support from the National Science Foundation (CBET Nos. 1805924 and 2114278). Support for crystal growth and characterization at Penn State was provided by the National Science Foundation through the Penn State 2D Crystal Consortium-Materials Innovation Platform (2DCC-MIP) under NSF Cooperative Agreement No. DMR-2039351.

Credits/Names: Z. Pan and Deyu Li (Vanderbilt University); K. Wang (Penn State); S. H. Lee and Z. Q. Mao (2DCC, Penn State)

Download PDF Version: 2039351_2DCCMIP_2022_Elastic Stiffening Induces One-dimensional Phonons in Thin Ta2Se3 Nanowires.pdf

Year of Research Highlight: 2021

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