Collage of Users working in 2DCC labs

In order for a user facility like ours to flourish, we strongly believe in the importance of both reaching out to the current generation of and tool experts and contributing to the education of the next generation. Thus, in addition to developing innovative research capabilities, the 2DCC also has a variety of innovative education and outreach programs. In addition to organizing conferences and workshops, hosting monthly research webinars and bringing a number of training resources online (subscribe to the 2D List to be kept abreast of these developments), there are also opportunities for on-site training for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars through our RSVP program and for undergraduates through the 2DCC-affiliated REU site. We also have a diverse array of experts who are looking forward to working with you and your community through our STEP FORWARD program. 

2DCC user sealing an ampoule in lab

The Graphene and Beyond Workshop brings together participants from academia, government and industry to enhance synergy within the community and build toward a strong future in 2D crystal science and technology.  The workshop topics focus on 2D material synthesis, characterization, processing, properties, theory/simulations and applications and includes seminars on recent results from the 2DCC and other institutions. The workshop also features focused discussions on intellectual property and commercialization opportunities of 2D materials.