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2DCC Webinars

Occuring monthly during the academic year, the 2DCC Webinars present new technical scientific news from within the 2DCC facility and the broader scientific community, as well as, broader topics such as science related to diversity. The webinars are free with an online registration. The slides with voice-over for the 2016 webinars, 2017 webinars, and 2018 webinars are available by following the links in the left menu. Information regarding the next scheduled webinar is listed below.


DATE: Tuesday, October 9, 2018
TIME: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Eastern

“Bulk Single Crystal Growth of Novel Quantum Materials”

Dr. Zhiqiang Mao
Professor of Physics, Penn State University

Summary: Bulk single crystal growth not only plays vital roles in technological advancement, but also is critical to the discoveries of novel quantum materials, such as topological materials. There are many methods for single crystal growth, including solid state growth, melt growth, solution growth and vapor phase growth. In this presentation, I will first introduce several crystal growth techniques related to the melt and solution growth methods. Then I will discuss general strategies for growing single crystal of novel quantum materials as well as crystal growth mechanisms.