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2DCC Webinars

Occurring monthly during the academic year, the 2DCC Webinars present new technical scientific news from within the 2DCC facility and the broader scientific community, as well as, broader topics such as science related to diversity. The webinars are free with an online registration. The slides with voice-over for the 2016 webinars, 2017 webinars, 2018 webinars2019 webinars2020 webinars and 2021 webinars are available by following the links in the left menu. Information regarding the next scheduled webinar is listed below.

Next 2DCC Webinar:

Thursday February 25, 2021


Probing the first layer of atoms: manipulating and observing matter in nanoscale self-organized systems

Jean Paul Allain, Penn State University 

Deciphering self-organization mechanisms of nanostructures (e.g. nanodots, ripples) and low-dimensional state systems (e.g. 2D materials, ultrathin films, etc...) on complex materials (i.e. compound semiconductors [1], alloys, metallic glass [2]) via low-energy ion beam irradiation is critical to manipulate functionality in nanostructured systems. By operating at ultra-low energies near the damage threshold, irradiation-driven defect engineering can be optimized (e.g. 10-500 eV).  Tunability of optical, electronic, magnetic and nuclear detection properties is realized by reaching metastable phases controlled by irradiation. This talk summarizes emerging research that exploits irradiation-driven materials modification with applications in: nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, biomaterials and nuclear detection.  Furthermore advances of in-situ analysis conducted during modification to correlate tunable irradiation synthesis and device performance will be summarized [3]. 

[1] M Lively et al. Sci. Reports 10, (2020) 8253

[2] P. Luo et al. ACS Appl. Nano Mater 3, 12 (2020) 12025

[3] J.P. Allain and A. Shetty, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50, 28 (2017) 283002

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