Safety Committee Contact


Emergency Contacts

For all Emergencies:
Call 9-1-1

PSU Police Direct:

PSU EHS Direct:

Additionally, after calling all the above you must contact:

  1. The MSC Facilities & Safety Director Sarah Eichfeld 814-865-0889
  2. Your Supervisor
  3. Lab or Area Director/Manager
  4. Maria DiCola, Safety Manager 814-863-8151

For Key Access

Contact Crystal Robbins
MSC N-317; email:

For Card Swipe Access

Contact Jaime Reish



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Training Requirements

Safety Information at MRI

Required Laboratory Safety Training

  1. Federal Law (OSHA) prohibits individuals working in labs without proper Safety Training.
  2. Penn State Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) requires the Laboratory Safety Training (Initial) for any individual seeking access to a lab.
  3. Access to working in a Penn State laboratory includes four (4) online trainings.

EHS Screenshot

Steps to Get Started with Initial Pre-requisite Laboratory Safety Training

NOTE: When accessing training on the EHS website, it is recommended that you use Chrome or Internet Explorer (DO NOT USE Firefox).

  1. Visit and click on the "Training" Quick Link
    Found on the EHS homepage.
  2. Sign in using your PSU or FPS* Access ID (xyz123) and password.
  3. Click on "Laboratory Safety and Laboratory Hazard Communication" on the Courses by Category list.
  4. Click on "Laboratory Safety Training (Initial)" link.
  5. These links to the Laboratory Safety Training (Initial) are found in the course description:
  6. Training modules can be completed all together or individually as your schedule permits.
  7. Take a screenshot (Ctrl+PrtScn) of each of the four (4) completion certificates and email them to
  8. When you receive your Lab Safety Certificate from EHS, please upload it to our submissions page HERE.

Lab Safety Screenshot

* To learn more about obtaining a FPS (Friends of Penn State) Access ID, please visit

A PDF of this information can be downloaded here: Laboratory Safety Training (Initial). (.pdf)
A Word Doc of this information can be downloaded here: Laboratory Safety Training (Initial) (.docx)


All Training Courses can be found on the Penn State EH&S Website:

Haz Com Training Screenshot