Required Laboratory Safety Training

  1. Federal Law (OSHA) prohibits individuals working in labs without proper Safety Training.
  2. Penn State Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) requires the Initial Laboratory Safety Training - University Park for any individual seeking access to a lab.
  3. Access to working in a Penn State laboratory includes completion of 4 training modules with quizzes.

Steps to get started with Initial Laboratory & Research Safety Training – University Park

  1. Go to the Learning Resource Network.
  2. Login using your Penn State user ID.
  3. Search for “EHS - Initial Laboratory & Research Safety Training - University Park.“
  4. Open the curriculum, read the instructions, complete the training modules, and take the quizzes. Training modules can be completed all together or individually as your schedule permits.
    1. Introduction to Safety (15:51 min)
    2. Chemical Safety (41:44 min)
    3. Laboratory Waste Management and Disposal (18:06 min)
    4. Emergency Preparedness (18:10 min)
  5. When finished, print your certificate to a pdf.
  6. Upload your lab safety certificate pdf to our Safety Certificate Submission page.

Remember: Laboratory & Research Safety Refresher Training is required annually and is a separate course that can also be found on the Learning Resource Network.

All Training Courses can be found on the Penn State EH&S Website:

Safety Committee Contact


Emergency Contacts

For all Emergencies:
Call 9-1-1

PSU Police Direct:

PSU EHS Direct:

Additionally, after calling all the above you must contact:

  1. The MSC Facilities & Safety Director Sarah Eichfeld 814-865-0889
  2. Your Supervisor
  3. Lab or Area Director/Manager

For Key Access and Card Swipe Access

Contact Amy Morder
MSC N-317; email:

For Card Swipe Access to the Nanofab

Contact Jaime Reish


If you have an emergency, always

CALL 9-1-1