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For Industry

Working with 2DCC

The 2DCC strongly encourages the participation of users from industry in our working groups.  Industrial users can access samples, equipment and expertise of the 2DCC through our user program and participate in education and outreach activities offered by the platform. 

Working with Penn State: Your Strategic Partner

Penn State has long ranked among the nation’s top universities in industry-sponsored research, and typically partners with more than 400 companies annually. In 2014, NSF ranked PSU second in the country in research expenditures in the field of materials.

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers leveraging state of the art instrumentation and expertise across campus to address challenges from the fundamental to the applied.

In recognition of the high value that industry places on intellectual property, we have recently modified the way that we work with industry; installing simpler and much more flexible procedures, making it possible for companies to retain ownership of the intellectual property that they sponsor.

Industry Friendly IP Policy

Penn State has created one of the most industry-friendly intellectual property (IP) policies in the country by removing as many impediments as possible to enable a free exchange of ideas. The University's rules of engagement for industry-sponsored research and projects provide our faculty and students the flexibility to work with industry sponsors in order to get the job done.

While IP ownership is not automatic, Penn State has set out to change its interaction with industry partners by:

  • Removing IP as a hurdle in negotiating research agreements
  • Reducing negotiation times
  • Engaging and empowering researchers in the IP process

For details about Penn State's IP Policies, visit the website:

Office of Vice President for Research