2017 Broader Impact Highlights
2017 Broader Impact Highlights

What Has Been Achieved:

The Graphene and Beyond Workshop aims to enhance synergy in the 2D crystal community. The workshop was a success in bringing together a diversity of institutions across academia, government and industry and individuals across career levels with exposure to technical talks, tutorials, and poster exposition. Several individuals from non-R1 academic institutions (2 minority-serving institutions and 1 predominantly undergraduate institution) received travel support from the 2DCC in 2017 in order to fully participate in the workshop as a part of the 2DCC’s effort to broaden participation. A participant from Juniata College (a predominantly undergraduate institution – PUI) received travel support to the 2017 edition of the workshop and subsequently participated as an onsite, external user during the summer of 2017 receiving training in characterization techniques and thin film synthesis.  Two additional participants at the 2017 workshop submitted user proposals after the event for research in Bulk Crystal Growth.

One faculty participant from the University of Puerto Rico – Humacao (a minority-serving institution – MSI) received 2DCC travel support to the 2016 edition of the workshop and is currently a remote, external 2DCC user in thin film synthesis, along with another faculty member.  An undergraduate student who was a user on that user project subsequently matriculated at Penn State University as a graduate student and is now a part of a new 2DCC local user project at Penn State.

Importance of Achievement:

The advancement of technical research, professional development, and broadening participation in 2D crystal science is critical to the future of the 2D community.

Unique Features of the MIP That Enabled Workshop:

The 2DCC platform has 3 main pillars (in-house research, external user program, and education/outreach/diversity activities in support of the research).  These 3 pillars are each represented at the workshop by virtue of those attending and presenting these various aspects in technical talks, tutorials and posters.  As a part of its Education/Outreach/Diversity program, the 2DCC offers travel funds to broaden participation at this workshop for professional development as well as recruitment to the 2DCC facility through user proposals.

Graphene and Beyond Workshop 2017 Pictures. Upper Panel: Group photo of the attendees at the 2017 edition of the Graphene and Beyond Workshop. Lower Left Panel: Photo of audience members and presenter during one of the talks/tutorials. Lower Right Panel: Photo of 3 poster contest winners.

Credits/Names: Robinson, Terrones, Penn State

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Year of Research Highlight: 2017

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