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Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

The Correlated Solutions digital image correlation system is capable of doing both 2D and 3D DIC experiments. 

The camera system is mobile, and can be moved between the 50 kN load frame, the 100 kN load frame, and the dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA). 


This DIC camera system is equipped with:

  • two 5.0 Megapixel digital cameras (2448 x 2048 pixels by 50 fps)
  • two Schneider Xenoplan 1.4/17 mm compact series lenses
  • two Schneider Xenoplan 1.9/35 mm compact series lenses


Additionally, we have calibration grids ranging from 1" to 18" for the field of views.

With this system, the minimum suggested sample length is approximately 8 mm. 


To help with applying a speckle pattern to samples, we have a speckle pattern application kit that comes with rollers and flat stamp pads for applying speckles with diameters ranging from 0.007 to 0.02 inches (0.18 to 5.08 mm).