Fellowship gives undergraduates chance to do research with real impact

By Jamie Oberdick

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — One of the more innovative energy-saving tools at Penn State was not implemented by a faculty member, employee, or graduate student. Instead, it was developed by undergraduate students who are part of an innovative and unique research fellowship offered by the Materials Research Institute (MRI). 

Feifei Shi

Feifei Shi

Assistant Professor of Energy Engineering

(e) fzs5183@psu.edu
(o) 814-865-3437
113 Hosler Building

Guha Manogharan

Guha Manogharan

Associate Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

(e) gum53@psu.edu
(o) 814-863-7273
232 Reber Building

Andrea Arguelles

Andrea P. Argüelles

Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics

(e) aza821@psu.edu
(o) 814-865-3440
409C Earth and Engineering Sciences Building

Nasim Alem

Nasim Alem

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

(e) nua10@psu.edu, (e) alem@matse.psu.edu
(o) 814-865-7928
N-210 Millennium Science Complex

Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson

Technical Staff, SEM

(e) jma14@psu.edu
(o) 814-865-7341
N-104 Millennium Science Complex

Danielle Hickey

Danielle Hickey

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering

(e) drh283@psu.edu
(o) 814 863 3206
240 Chemistry Building