MCL's thermal analysis suite of characterization capabilities includes three techniques: Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) via a TGA coupled to a Mass Spectrometer. The data obtained by these techniques and applications examples are shown in the table below.  

Technique Data Obtained Applications
TGA Weight loss/gain in mg and %
Temperature of weight change transition
Thermal and Oxidative Stability of Materials • Composition of Multi-component Systems •The Effect of Reactive or Corrosive Atmospheres on Materials •Moisture and Volatiles Content of Materials
DSC Heat flow changes with temperature Melting and Crystallization temperatures • Glass transition temperature (amorphous materials) • “cold” crystallization • Heat capacity • Cure kinetics • Crystalline content
EGA EGA Composition of gasses (m/z) evolved as temperature increases Identification of individual degradation products, residual solvents and contamination • By-product analysis • Reaction elucidation, stoichiometry
Thermal Lab
MCL Thermal Analysis

The Thermal Lab Suite

Thermal Fig 1
Figure 1

Typical DSC signals

Thermal Fig 2
Figure 2

Combined TGA (top) and DSC (bottom) signals

Thermal Fig 3
Figure 3

Combined TGA and EGA signals

The following thermal instruments are available at MCL:  

  • Discovery TGA 5500 coupled with Discovery MS (TA Instruments)  
  • DSC Q2000 (TA Instruments) 
  • STA 449 F3 Jupiter (Netzsch)
Instrument Discovery TGA-MS​ TA Q2000 DSC​ STA 449 F3
Technique TGA and EGA Dedicated DSC Simultaneous TGA and DSC
Temp. Range (°C) 25 to 1000 -90 to 400 25 to 1550
Sample crucible type (and volume, µL) Alumina (250) Platinum (100) Aluminum (80) Aluminum​; T-zero hermetic and non-hermetic Alumina (85) Platinum (85)
Sample crucible dimensions (mm), diam. x height 7.8 x 4.3 (Al2O3)
9.0 x 1.5 (Pt)
5.7 x 2.8​ (sealed Al)
5.0 x 2.2​ 6.8 x 4 (Al2O3)
6.5 x 2.6 (Pt)
Typical sample size (mg) 2-50 1-10 5-30 (sample carrier dependent
Additional features Evolved gas atomic mass range​
1-300 amu
RCS 90 cooling system; controlled cooling rate​ Vacuum system: <10
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