MCL will soon be able to offer a comprehensive array of instruments for characterizing materials across a broad range of strengths and in a variety of environments. With new equipment, you will be able to measure a variety of mechancial properties including yield stress, ultimate strength, hardness, moduli (Young's, shear, storage, loss), Poisson't ratio, etc.. The mechanical equipment at MCL encompasses a variety of techniues, to accomodate the variety of materials that come through MCL every day. 



MCL has multiple instruments for characterizing the mechanical behavior of different materials.

  • TA Instruments Q800 dynamic mechanical analyzer (N-007 MSC) TA Instruments Q800 brochure
  • Qness Q60 A+ microindenter (N-001 MSC)  Qness website
  • Netzsch 402 F1/F3 Hyperion thermomechanical analyzer (arriving soon - N-007 MSC)  Netzsch website
  • Correlated Solutions VIC-3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system (arriving soon - N-001 MSC) Correlated Solutions website
  • MTS load frames, load cells, grips, fluid bath, high temperature furnace, moderate temperature chamber (arriving soon - N-001 MSC)
  • more details coming soon!


Sample requirements Requirements are technique-specific. Please review the specific technique pages or contact a technical staff member to discuss your needs. 

For sample preparation, MCL also has wire electron-discharge machining (wire-EDM) capabilities. 


Please contact MCL staff member Beth Last ( for any questions concerning mechanical characterization or wire EDM.