MCL's capabilities for characterizing the mechanical behavior and properties of materials has recently expanded due to a variety of new instrument acquisitions. This comprehensive array of instruments can characterize materials across a broad range of strengths and in a variety of environments. With the new equipment, we can now measure a variety of mechancial properties including yield stress, ultimate strength, hardness, moduli (Young's, shear, storage, loss), Poisson't ratio, Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), etc.. The mechanical equipment at MCL encompasses a variety of techniques, to accomodate the diversity of materials that come through MCL every day. 



MCL has multiple instruments for characterizing the mechanical behavior of different materials.

  • TA Instruments Q800 dynamic mechanical analyzer (N-007 MSC) TA Instruments Q800 brochure
  • Qness Q60 A+ microindenter (N-031D MSC)  Qness website
  • Netzsch 402 F1/F3 Hyperion thermomechanical analyzer (N-007 MSC)  Netzsch website
  • Correlated Solutions VIC-3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system (N-001 MSC) Correlated Solutions website
  • MTS load frames, load cells, grips, fluid bath, high temperature furnace, moderate temperature chamber (N-001 MSC)


Our staff at MCL is more than willing at assist you with chosing the correct instrument to meet your experimental parameters. The indivual instrument pages detail the instrument's purpose; the grips/clamps, accessories, and attachments; and the instrument specifications. 


    Sample requirements Requirements are technique-specific. Please review the specific technique pages or contact a technical staff member to discuss your needs. 

    For sample preparation, MCL also has wire electron-discharge machining (wire-EDM) capabilities avaliable. 


    Please contact MCL staff member Beth Last ( for any questions concerning mechanical characterization or wire EDM.