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Nov 18 2021

By Jamie Oberdick

Tiny defects hold key to turning inert materials into more useful chemically active ones

Demonstrating that a material thought to be always chemically inert, hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), can be turned chemically active holds potential for a new class of catalysts with a wide range of applications, according to an international team of researchers.  

Nov 17 2021

For years, researchers believed that the smaller the domain size in a ferroelectric crystal, the greater the piezoelectric properties of the material. However, recent findings by Penn State researchers have raised questions about this standard rule.

Nov 9 2021

By Jamie Oberdick

A clearer understanding of how a type of brain cell known as astrocytes function and can be emulated in the physics of hardware devices may result in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that autonomously self-repairs and consumes much less energy than the technologies currently do, according to a team of Penn State researchers.  

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