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Deposition and Growth

Deposition and Growth

A sheet of microfluidic devices on a flexible substrate for glucose measurement


The Nanofabrication Laboratory in the Millennium Science Complex, supported by a dedicated staff, has world-class capabilities in the areas of deposition, etch, lithography, material modification, and characterization. The sheer number of materials processed - more than 65 materials can be deposited and over seventy (70) materials can be dry etched - in the suite of tools resident in the facility is testament to the flexibility of the toolset and the staff that supports it. From the wide variety of available processes, academic and industrial researchers have the ability to develop and fabricate a wide array of novel devices.

Elements Desposited in Films at the Nanofab

Penn State Nanofab deposition capabilities offer enormous compositional flexibility. View the elements desposited on films in the Nanofab
Elements Deposited