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Penn State University Users:
Non-Penn State University Users:

Available upon request:
See RIMS User Research Facilities Contacts

Lab Tracking

Your accrued charges will be managed by the Research Instrumentation Management System (RIMS), which is a web-based software tool for reserving, tracking, and billing facilities usage.


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COVID-19 Constraints

Due to the current constraints caused by the COVID-19 virus, MRI will not be training and enabling new users in core facilities until further notice.  If you need analysis in MCL or processing time in the nanofab, please contact the appropriate staff member to coordinate the analysis or process runs for you or work with a research group member that has already been trained.  We anticipate getting back to business as usual soon.  In the meantime, online trainings for some of the techniques and processing tools are available.

Check the core facilities' landing page for details:

For Penn State users, please visit: MRI Labs Sharepoint Website


When you use our facilities, you will either be a:

  • Penn State University User, or
  • Non-Penn State User

All users must complete all required pre-requisite training in order to gain access to the Millennium Science Complex and the labs within.

STEP 1: Required Pre-requisite Training

  • Introduction to Safety (online 21:10 minutes)
  • Chemical Safety (online 25:00 minutes)
  • Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal (online 16:25 minutes)
  • Emergency Preparedness (online 12:49 minutes)
  • Introduction to Safety Classroom Session (onsite every Tuesday 9:00 a.m. MSC N-308A)
  • (For Nanofab Users ONLY: Onsite Safety Training and Orientation every other Monday 2:00 p.m. MSC N-203A)

For step-by-step instructions to these pre-requisite training course, visit our Safety Training page.

Other specific EHS training may be required depending upon the lab to be used. Your technical contact will provide additional information as needed; Individual equipment training will be required and can be scheduled by contacting the appropriate technical or administrative staff for each facility.

STEP 2: Building Access

Penn State University Users:

Access to the Millennium Science Complex and labs within will be granted upon successful completion of all required training. After completing the required training, fill out the Facility Access Authorization Form. A Principle Investigator (PI) signature is required.

Non-Penn State Users:

You will be required to apply for a for-fee Penn State Access Account ($13.00/month) and Swipe Card. (additional information for Access Account and Swipe Card is found on RIMS)

STEP 3: Creating a RIMS User Account Profile After Training is Completed

Penn State University Users:

  • Visit and click on Register to create a user profile and billing account.

Non-Penn State Users:

  • Complete the Academic Research Services Order (ARSO)
  • If you plan to become a personally trained equipment operator, complete the ARSO and the External User Term Sheet (EUTS).

Academic Research Services Order (ARSO)

External User Term Sheet (EUTS)