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Equipment Training

Users of the Nanofab Cleanroom

The Nanofab offers various equipment training that is offered onsite and online through training videos.  Whether you are a Penn State University User or a Non-Penn State User, you must complete all required pre-requisite training in order to gain access to the labs within the Millennium Science Complex (see Become a User for full details).

To get started, please contact Jaime Reish or browse the available Online Video Trainings.

Facility Safety Training and Orientation

Facility Safety Training and Orientation is a requirement for any person who will be entering the Nanofab MSC cleanroom.

Individual Equipment TrainingSession One, Two, & Three

NOTE: Trainees must attend a minimum of three successful training sessions for each piece of equipment. For most, all three sessions will take place within a 2-3 week period.  Any user not completing all three sessions within the required timeframe may be requested to repeat trainings as deemed necessary.