• Beamer for ebeam data preparation
  • Tracer for electron-solid interactions
  • LAB for photolithography and electron beam modeling
  • ProSEM for critical dimension measurements

Pattern data used for electron beam lithography is prepared using a software package called BEAMER by GenISys.  This software allows for both simple or complex pattern preparation flows.  It has a very easy to use GUI interface that allows for ultimate flexibility.  Proximity effect correction (PEC) is done within this software package.  There is also an advanced modeling software package that allows for simulation of exposures before exposing a real sample.

Electron Beam Lithography doesn’t have to be “slow”.  We are experts at optimizing the balance between writetime and pattern quality. The Raith EBPG5200ES has the ability to create custom shapes called sequences that can greatly reduce write times while improving the quality of the write.  Beamer has this technology fully integrated and is the workbench we use to adjust the parameters of the pattern fracture combined with exposure tool settings.

Quality vs Write time

Genesis Lithography Software


Custom sequence created from a bitmap image with almost zero overhead


Exposure modeling of the effective energy distribution in the resist. Areas in red would be clear in a positive resist.