Contact Print

There are 2 contact print aligners, both made by Karl Suss. The Karl Suss MABA6 Contact Printer’s use a physical master mask that comes into contact with the substrate during exposure. The master can be used multiple times with best resolution about 1.0 µm, and overlay accuracy of 0.5 µm. The Gen 2 model runs in a more manual mode and has SCIL Imprint capability and the Gen 4 model is a newer version with more automation capabilities,

Karl Suss MABA6 Gen 2

MABA6 Gen 2 with SCIL

Karl Suss MABA6 Gen 4

Resolution 1 µm
Overlay 1 µm


Karl Suss MABA6 Gen 2 and Gen 4

  • Double objective optical microscope
  • Wafer sizes from pieces to 6 inch
  • Unfiltered Hg lamp exposure 8 mW/cm2 @ 365 nm Hg I-line
  • Top and Bottom side optical alignment
  • Mask sizes of 4, 5, and 7 inches
  • Vacuum, hard, proximity, and soft contact modes

Resolution <1 µm, Overlay <1 µm

Courtesy Huang/Cameron Courtesy Rogosky