Vision RIETool Configuration

  • 305mm diameter electrode
  • Mechanical Clamp with He backside cooling for better temperature control during etching
  • Temperature compensated capacitance manometer
  • Digital control Mass flow controllers for faster response
    • Gases: O2, SF6, Ar, CF4
  • Uniformity ring surrounding electrode to improve etch uniformity
  • SQL server for recipe and data-logging storage
  • Pendulum valve with closed loop pressure control for precise pressure control

Tool Cost of Ownership

  • <1m2 system foot print (extremely compact)
  • Fully DeviceNet driven (digital communication with MFCs, gauges, pneumatics, turbo molecular pump, RF power supply, matching network)
  • System can send e-mails to tech support to report on potential issues (ToolMail™)
  • Extensive remote support capabilities
    • Monitor turbo pump key parameters (temperature, current, speed, etc.)
    • Monitor MFC calibration data
    • Monitor pressure gauge calibration data
    • Monitor bus voltages etc.
  • ANSI ISA 88 compliant (traceability)