Please join us on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. in Millennium Science Complex in the 3rd floor commons talks in the Semiconductor Seminar Series. This series brings researchers together from all over campus to discuss semiconductor materials and devices. Now is a great time for discussions because of opportunities created by the CHIPS and Science Act.

Each week, two groups will highlight their research in short talks (20–25 min each).  We hope that new research collaborations will emerge and that students will gain a broader perspective of the field of semiconductor materials and devices.

Upcoming Talks

September 14

New Nitride Semiconductors and Heterostructures

Joe Casamento

Directed Self-assembly of Block Copolymers for Nanolithography

Chris Arges

Moderator: Suzanne Mohney

September 21

Semiconductor Thermal Photonics for Energy Conversion and Thermal Transports

Linxiao Zhu

Promise and Prospect of 2D Microelectronicsy

Saptarshi Das

Moderator: Rongming Chu


September 28

MOCVD of Wafer-Xcale 2D Semiconductors

Joan Redwing

A Theoretical Framework for Quantitative Prediction of Materials Properties

Zi-Kui Liu

Moderator: Suzanne Mohney



Modeling Semiconductors Beyond Density-Functional Theory

Ismaila Dabo

Community Discussion and Future Plans

Suzanne Mohney and Rongming Chu


Past Talks From This Series

August 3

Gallium Oxide and Contacts

Luke Lyle

Thermal Analysis/Management of Ultra-wide Bandgap Ga2O3 Electronics

Yiwen Song (Choi Group)

Moderator: Rongming Chu

August 10

New Materials for 3D Ferroelectric Microelectronics

Susan Trolier-McKinstry

Defect Control in Electronic Materials & Devices

Aman Haque

Moderator: Suzanne Mohney

August 17

Microscopy of Semiconductors

Danielle Hickey

Atomic Layer Deposition

Suzanne Mohney

Moderator: Rongming Chu


Atomic Layer Deposition

Suzanne Mohney

Your Golden Age of Device Research

Tom Jackson


September 7

Ultra-thin Semiconductor Films for Flexible Electronics and Bioelectronics

Cunjiang Yu

Optical Properties of van der Waals Heterostructures Beyond the Diffraction Limit

Slava Rotkin

Moderator: Rongming Chu