Polishing and mounting

Freshly mounted stainless steel section

Mechanical polishing
  • Depending on your sample and your final requirements for surface finish, MCL offers hand polishing or automated mechanical polishing.
  • Common polishing compounds are diamond suspension, alumina suspension, diamond paste, and colloidal silica
  • Typically start at 3um if grinding has been done to 1200 grit

Many samples need to be mounted prior to polishing or sectioning.  There are three different options for sample mounting: 

  • Simple thermoset glue (CrystalBond)
  • Compression (hot) mounting with resin
  • Castable (cold) mounting with two-part epoxy

Why Mount at all?

  • Edge and defect retention
  • Preserve friable material
  • Infiltrate pores for stability
  • Easier to polish samples
  • Easier to keep planar and parallel
  • Easier to analyze in instrumentation
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