5S graphicWHAT is 5S?

5S is a philosophy and a way of organizing and managing the workspace and workflow within a lab.

GOAL: To improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating waste and disorganization to create a clean, organized, and safe work environment.

REGISTRATION will open in July 2024. Stay tuned!!

starts August 1, 2024 @8:00am
ends August 31, 2024 @5:00pm

WHO can enter

Open to any lab.
Do not need to be a team or competing in the Safety Olympics.

HOW to enter

Complete the online form and provide no more than 5 pictures of a specific space in your lab before 5S.

Example: This can be a benchtop, work area or optical table. At least one of the pictures must be of the entire area to be judged.


We will be looking at the following criteria.

1. Clutter: is the space generally organized and free of random samples, etc.?

2. Labelling: are relevant cabinets, storage areas and workspaces labeled as needed?

3. Visual Aids: are there visual aids that show what the workspace should look like?

4. Designated Areas: are there clearly designated areas for certain tasks/equipment in the lab space entered?

We will visit the lab space for an inspection before Safety Olympics to assess the four criteria listed above. The winner will be based on the MOST IMPROVED lab space, (not necessarily the best lab space).


The MOST IMPROVED lab will receive a plaque recognizing them outside the lab and additional prizes!


Contact mri-5s-committee

REGISTRATION will open in July 2024. Stay tuned!!

REGISTER your lab today to participate!