Please use this form to alert us to safety incidents or "near misses." These reports are not used to penalize or lay blame, but are used to help us illustrate real-world safety incidents as they arise so that we may all learn from the experience.

Your submission may be submitted anonymously, but we require you to enter your email address so that we may follow-up with any questions. Your submission will be reviewed by our safety officers and may be discussed with the MSAO so that we may continue to improve out safety protocol.

Near Miss/Incident Reports act as an educational tool to increase awareness and help create a safe, productive research environment. If you are aware of a near miss or incident, please provide information on the situation so we can all learn from it. These reports do not include any identifying information and are meant to be completely anonymous.

University-wide reports can be viewed on the Penn State EHS website, and university-wide lab safety program can be viewed on the Penn State EHS website.

For Actual Accidents and/or Incidents
If an accident and/or incident has occurred, you MUST contact your Advisor, Supervisor, and the Safety Officer.

MRI's Safety Officer Sarah Eichfeld:


  • You must have PSU Access Account to submit a report and be logged into PSU (Azure).
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and click "Submit".

Safety Committee Contact


Emergency Contacts

For all Emergencies:
Call 9-1-1

PSU Police Direct:

PSU EHS Direct:

Additionally, after calling all the above you must contact:

  1. The MSC Facilities & Safety Director Sarah Eichfeld 814-865-0889
  2. Your Supervisor
  3. Lab or Area Director/Manager

For Key Access and Card Swipe Access

Contact Amy Morder
MSC N-317; email:

For Card Swipe Access to the Nanofab

Contact Jaime Reish


If you have an emergency, always

CALL 9-1-1