Flexible Electronic Sensor
Gas detection through wearable sensor
Wearable Medical Sensors

A highly sensitive wearable gas sensor for environmental and human health monitoring may soon become commercially available. The sensor platform is an improvement on existing wearable sensors because it uses a self-heating mechanism that enhances sensitivity and allows for quick recovery and reuse of the platform.

Electronic Nose
Environmental and Health Monitoring

Environmental sensors are a step closer to simultaneously sniffing out multiple gases that could indicate disease or pollution, thanks to a Penn State collaboration. Huanyu “Larry” Cheng, assistant professor of engineering science and mechanics in the College of Engineering, and Lauren Zarzar, assistant professor of chemistry in Eberly College of Science, and their teams combined laser writing and responsive sensor technologies to fabricate the first highly customizable microscale gas sensing devices.  

Real-time virus detection
Sensors for Virus Detection

A method of highly accurate and sensitive virus identification using Raman spectroscopy, a portable virus capture device and machine learning could enable real-time virus detection and identification to help battle future pandemics, according to a team of researchers led by Penn State.

Citrus Trees Detecting Greening
Sensor Detectors for Agricultural Market
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