Polymer materials
Filtration Membrane
Filtration Membranes

A desalination membrane acts as a filter for salty water: Push the water through the membrane, get clean water suitable for agriculture, energy production and even drinking. The process seems simple enough, but it contains complex intricacies that have baffled scientists for decades — until now.

Adding antioxidants improves visualization of polymers
Antioxidants Improve Nanoscale Visualization Of Polymers

Reactive molecules, such as free radicals, can be produced in the body after exposure to certain environments or substances and go on to cause cell damage. Antioxidants can minimize this damage by interacting with the radicals before they affect cells.

New soft, mechanical metamaterials can "think" about how forces are applied to it and respond via preprogrammed reactions.
'Living Machines'

Researchers have produced a soft, mechanical metamaterial that can “think” about how forces are applied to it and respond via programmed reactions. This platform holds great potential for a variety of applications from medical treatments to improving the environment.