Poster # Presentation Information
R-01 Applied Research Lab
R-02 Cancer Institute
R-03 Clinical and Translational Science Institute
R-04 HUCK Institute of the Life Sciences
R-05 Institute for Computational and Data Sciences
R-06 Institute for Energy and the Environment
R-07 Materials Research Institute
R-08 Partnering with Penn State Research
R-09 Social Science Research Institute
R-10 2DCC-MIP: 2D Crystal Consortium - Materials Innovation Platform
R-11 ATOMIC: Center for Atomically Thin Multifunctional Coatings
R-12 AREC-USA: Advanced Research Efficiency Centre - USA
R-13 Polymers and Plastics: Research at Penn State Behrend
R-14 BEST: Battery And Energy Storage Technology Center
R-15 Center for Biodevices
R-16 CEHMS: Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems
R-17 Center for Immersive Experiences
R-18 Center for Innovative Sintered Products
R-19 LiMC2: Center for Living Materials 
R-20 CHIMES: The Center for Heterogeneous Integration of Micro Electronic Systems
R-21 CIMP-3D: Center For Innovative Materials Processing Through Direct Digital Deposition
R-22 MAST: The Membrane Science Engineering and Technology Center
R-23 MRSEC: Center for Nanoscale Science
R-24 IIRM-URA: The Ionizing Radiation with Matter University Research Alliance
R-25 Penn State Duboise
R-26 Penn State Learning Factory
R-27 Science Policy Society