Group's research includes the following areas:

  • Phase-field method and software development
  • Multiscale modeling integrating density functional theory (DFT) calculations, thermodynamic analysis, and phase-field simulations
  • Domain structures and switching in ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, ferroelastic and multiferroic thin films and devices
  • Coupled electronic and structural phase transitions in functional and quantum materials
  • Interactions between electronic/ionic defects and ferroelectric domains, dielectric degradation and breakdown
  • Ion transport and microstructure evolution in solid electrodes and electrolytes in Li-ion batteries and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
  • Phase-field simulations of structural and diffusional phase transformations, grain growth, and Ostwald ripening in alloys
  • Co-evolution of microstructure and properties
  • Integrated computational materials science and engineering

Current research projects:

  • Computational mesoscale materials science and software development for functional and quantum materials
  • Phase-field method of piezoelectric responses and optical transparency of ferroelectric crystals and ceramics
  • Electrochemical reactions and microstructure evolution of Li-ion batteries
  • Interfacial reactions and microstructure evolution in solid oxide fuel cells
  • Phase-field models of coupled electronic and structural processes under ultrafast stimuli
  • Phase-field modeling of microstructure evolution during additive manufacturing processes