Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Impedance spectroscopy is a linear technique implemented to study the electrical properties of dielectric and semi-conductive materials by applying an AC electric field (stimulus) and measuring the electrical current through the sample (response) over a range of frequencies and temperatures. Impedance spectroscopy informs on the polarizations contributing to the dielectric behavior of materials as well as dielectric relaxation (Δε), thermal transitions (Tg), ferroelectric transitions (Tc), charge distribution in materials (bulk, depleted layers, grain boundaries, etc.).

Electrical and Mechanical Displacement Measurement

(also known as polarization and strain measurement)

This system measures the electrical and mechanical displacement of dielectric materials induced by an applied AC field. The following properties can be extracted:

  • D-E hysteresis loop parameters, polarization density, energy storage and loss
  • Electromechanical coupling: piezoelectricity, electrostriction, etc.
Sulin Zhang

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