Sleep is a vital behavior for health and well-being, but who has time to sleep? This presentation will highlight the interdisciplinary research of the Sleep Health, & Society Collaboratory, Including the role of work in sleep and cardiometabolic health, recent findings using machine learning in sleep wearable, how sleep is involved in healthy aging and brain health, and tips for healthy sleep.

Orfeu Buxton | Biobehavioral Health

It's been over two years since we began planning for the CHIPS Act opportunities, and finally, we are seeing the first programs to which PSU can contribute. In this brief presentation, I will provide you with an update on our current status and explain how you can get involved.

Daniel Lopez | MASH | Electrical Engineering

Chirality, ubiquitous in chemical and biological systems like DNA, exerts profound effects on the behavior of electrons and light, underscoring the indispensable role of quantum mechanics in elucidating these phenomena.

Speaker: Binghai Yan | @PSU on sabbatical – Weizmann Institute of Science

The ability to accurately weigh and identify micro and nanoparticles, especially at low concentrations, holds significant importance in chemistry, biology, and environmental monitoring.  While recent advancements in optical technologies have enabled ultra-low concentrations measurement, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices have yet to fully match the performance of their optical counterparts.  Nonetheless, SAW sensors offer distinct advantages such as low power consumption, ease of integration into lab-on-a-chip platforms, and the ability to be fabricated on flexible substrates with wireless excitation and measurement capabilities.  In this presentation, I will introduce acoustic metamaterials and demonstrate how their incorporation into SAW sensors can substantially enhance their performance, particularly in detecting temperature variations and mass loading.

Speaker: Mourad Oudich | Acoustics

This talk highlights some diverse applications of CT imaging relevant to multiple disciplines. These applications highlight the varied questions that can be addressed via CT and provide an overview of the services available at the Center for Quantitative Imaging, an IEE Shared Core Facility MicroCT imaging center at Penn State. 

Presenter: Michelle Quigley | Center for Quantitative Imaging

How can Penn State leverage its resources and expand its partnerships to address the climate challenges faced in Pennsylvania and across this world?   In Fall 2023, the Climate Consortium was established to address this question.  In this talk, I will provide an overview of the Climate Consortium's mission and goals, review its themes and current activities, and I will invite dialogue on how best we can do that work together.   

Presenter: Erica Smithwick | Director, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute