Winners of the 2024 Elevator Pitch Competition
FIRST ROW: Natalia Nigay (2nd place), Patricia Pereira (1st Place), Winters Guo (Consolation Prize), Gaurav Dey (3rd Place), Mahini Basu (Consolation Prize)
SECOND ROW: Judges of the 2024 Elevator Pitch Competition: Dave Fecko (PSU), Ankit Tyagi, Eriez Corporation, Joe Abrahamson, Morgan Advanced Materials, Jerry Kolbe, Murata, Megan Ferlic, PPG, Scott Moravek, PPG, Jared Reeve, PPG, Marcy Milhomme, PSU, Jesse Bischof, SilcoTek, Andy Gustafson, PSU, Nathan Silvernail, PPG, Nick Smith, Corning

2024 Elevator Pitch Competition Winners

Patricia Pereira Natalia Nigay Gaurav Dey
"Revolutionizing Recycling: Turning Plastic Waste into a Renewable Resource" "To the Moon and Back: Beamed-Microwave-Energy Propulsion Using Water Vapor Propellant" "Advanced materials powering next generation of energy solutions"

Consolation Prize Winners

Mohini Basu: "Making non-alcoholic beer taste better"

Winters Guo: "Aqueous separation of lithium via ion exchange using ETS-10 titanosilicate"

Event Details

Sponsored by PPG Industries, the 10th Annual Elevator Pitch Competition is an opportunity to pitch your research in TWO minutes or less, using no more than four supporting slides. Graduate students will briefly convey their research to a curious and technically diverse audience in hopes of taking home CASH PRIZES and developing new COLLABORATIONS.