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Jun 17 2022


By Mariah Chuprinski and Ashley WennersHerron

To become truly wireless, wearable technology has one more cord to cut: the charger. A Penn State-led team made the first slash, using asymmetric copper arches to develop a 3D antenna system that wirelessly harvests radio frequency energy and converts it to electrical energy to power itself and on-board sensors.   

Jun 15 2022

By Mary Fetzer

Penn State-led researchers develop first artificial skin to maintain cognitive characteristics when deformed.

Jun 6 2022

Novel surface treatment stops microbes from adhering to catheters

Jun 2 2022

By Jamie Oberdick

A method of highly accurate and sensitive virus identification using Raman spectroscopy, a portable virus capture device and machine learning could enable real-time virus detection and identification to help battle future pandemics, according to a team of researchers led by Penn State.  

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