By Jamie Oberdick

As outlined in the CHIPS and Science Act, regional hubs would play a key role in an American semiconductor future.

Part of what will help make the CHIPS and Science Act a success is the concept of regional…

presenters speak to a roomful of people

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State held a Town Hall meeting recently to discuss internal strategies around semiconductor technologies and taking on a key role in partnering with other universities and industries centered on the U.S.…

Student works on 2D material in lab

By Matthew Carroll

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Advances in computing power over the decades have come thanks in part to our ability to make smaller and smaller transistors, a building block of electronic devices, but we are nearing the…

People viewing a poster during a research poster session in a large room

By Jamie Oberdick

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — You are reading this because of materials.  

Image of a semiconductor chip in a motherboard

By Ashley WennersHerron

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)’s Joint University Microelectronics Program 2.0 (JUMP 2.0), a consortium of industrial partners in cooperation with the Defense Advanced…