Microchips Image

Researchers explain how chip architecture and Penn State-led initiatives can help jump-start U.S. chip manufacturing

By Tim Schley

The phrase “advanced chip packaging” might conjure images of a fancy Pringles can. For those…

Prof. Gopalan in lab with students

By Jamie Oberdick

New research suggests that materials commonly overlooked in computer chip design actually play an important role in information processing, a discovery which could lead to faster and more efficient electronics.…

SCIA News Graphic

By Jamie Oberdick

Known for its ability to withstand extreme environments and high voltages, silicon carbide (SiC) is a semiconducting material made up of silicon and carbon atoms arranged into crystals that is increasingly becoming…

AI Sensor for Taste Image

By Jamie Oberdick

'Electronic tongue' holds promise as possible first step to artificial emotional intelligence

Can artificial intelligence (AI) get hungry? Develop a taste for certain foods? Not yet, but a team of Penn…

ab initio molecule

By Jamie Oberdick

Systems in the Universe trend toward disorder, with only applied energy keeping the chaos at bay. The concept is called entropy, and examples can be found everywhere: ice melting, campfire burning, water boiling.…