“Making the Best of a Bad Situation: A Characterization Seminar Series”

The analytical facilities at Penn State, the University of Illinois, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Minnesota are collaborating on a free seminar series on characterization. One hour Zoom lectures will be held 3 times per week starting March 30th. The initial lectures will provide broad overviews of various analytical techniques. Future lectures will address more specific measurements, applications and materials.


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Characterization Webinar Attendees:

The Making the Best of a Bad Situation characterization webinar series has come to an end. We hope that you found these as valuable as we did. We’d like to thank all the presenters that took the time to share their expertise with this large community. If you have future characterization questions, please feel free to contact one of the organizers. We enjoy solving complex problems, and as Land Grant Universities, outreach is an integral part of our core mission. Thanks also for financial support of the NSF MRSEC Center for Nanoscale Science at Penn State.

Jeff Shallenberger 
Penn State University

Jerry Hunter
University of Wisconsin

Mauro Sardela
University of Illinois 

Greg Haugstad
University of Minnesota


    Full list of presenters:

    • Jeffrey Shallenberger, Penn State University
    • Jerry Hunter, University of Wisconsin
    • Mauro Sardela, University of Illinois
    • Bing Luo, University of Minnesota
    • Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota
    • Julie Morasch, University of Wisconsin
    • Ekaterina  Bazilevskaya, Penn State University
    • Chris Winkler, North Carolina State University
    • Nichole Wonderling, Penn State University
    • Tim Tighe, Penn State University
    • Andrew Giordani, Physical Electronics, Inc
    • Honghui Zhou, University of Illinois
    • Katherine Crispin, Penn State University
    • Nick Seaton, University of Minnesota
    • Richard T. Haasch, University of Illinois
    • Tim Stecko, Penn State University
    • Robert Ulfig, Cameca
    • Trevor Clark, Penn State University
    • Sebastiaan Van Nuffel, Penn State University
    • Vince Bojan, Penn State University
    • Roddel Remy, University of Illinois
    • Julio Soares , University of Illinois
    • Kathy Walsh, University of Illinois
    • Wei Zhang, University of Minnesota
    • David Tuschel, Horiba Scientific