The Center for Atomically Thin Multifunctional Coatings (ATOMIC) consists of three main sites: Penn State, Rice and Boise State, that possess complementary expertise in different areas of 2D materials.

ATOMIC builds on the robust foundation of scientific innovation in 2D materials at Penn State and Rice University and expands into scalable 2D materials printing enabled by Boise State University.

Supported and guided by an Industry Advisory Board (IAB), consisting of industry and national labs with experts in advanced materials production, microelectronics, extreme environments, transportation. This unique synergistic effort will further develop the extraordinary physical properties of 2D nanomaterials and revolutionize multifunctional coating technologies. The research activities of the center are student-centric and will include performing transformational and applied research, developing intellectual property, low-cost nano-manufacturing, development of future workforce through student-leadership and industry internship opportunities, and undertaking technology transfer.

PSU BSU RICE Ven Diagram