May 2023

To enhance synergy within the community and build toward a strong future in 2D crystal science and technology, the Center for 2D and Layered Materials and the 2D Crystal Consortium at Penn State, will be hosting in-person the 10th Annual “Graphene and Beyond: From Atoms to Applications Workshop”.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers


James Hone_Columbia University

Chih-Kang Shih_UTexas

2DLM Keynote Speaker
James Hone

Wang Fong-Jen Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
Chair, Department Of Mechanical Engineering
Columbia University

2DCC Keynote Speaker
Chih-Kang Shih

Professor, Department of Physics
Dr. Arnold Romberg Endowed Chair in Physics
College of Natural Sciences
University of Texas at Austin

 Confirmed Speakers

Amin Azizi, TSMC
Lee Bassett, UPenn
Aida Ebrahimi, Penn State
Michael Heuken, Aixtron
Ariel Ismach, Tel-Aviv University
Xi Ling, Boston University
Carl Naylor, Intel
Kate Plass, Franklin and Marshall
Joan Redwing, Penn State
Tania Roy, Duke University
Maria Tamargo, City College of New York
Weida Wu, Rutgers




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