The Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D) is an interdisciplinary, intercollegiate research lab dedicated to cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies (AM). The center houses advanced equipment to support AM research of metal, polymer, and ceramic materials, to include non-destructive evaluation techniques via x-ray tomography. With a dual focus on engineering design and processing science, and a fine-tuned balance of academic and industrial ties, CIMP-3D is a world-class facility for research that welcomes collaboration to explore novel materials and processes (ex: refractories), designs (ex: compliant mechanisms), and applications (ex: heat exchangers). This presentation will provide an overview of CIMP-3D’s facilities and capabilities, its operational structure and collaboration opportunities, and a selection of work performed in the past covering a wide range of topics.

Speakers: Hunter Rauch & Guha Manogharan |  CIMP-3D