A multimodal/multiscale approach to the characterization of materials or devices can provide important information about defects, structure, or morphology at length scales down to the atomic level within the larger macroscopic framework of the system. In addition, 3D visualization provides the key third dimension to 2D projection images that are produced by most standard imaging techniques. Visualizing samples in three dimensions can be done nondestructively by imaging at many tilt angles using MicroCT or though similar tomography methods in a transmission electron microscope. Alternatively, it can be done destructively through slice and view methods using an ion beam in a FIB/SEM or by microtoming in the SEM. This talk will demonstrate the benefits of collecting these types of datasets using X-ray CT, SEM, and TEM and combining the different types of data to bridge the millimeter bulk to nanometer atomic length scales. This allows for precision targeting of a region of interest and detailed insight into the underlying structure of the material that influences its properties or response during testing or in real applications.