Research Spotlights

Faculty & Researcher Spotlight

Jim Adair James Adair

A consistent theme in Adair's research group is the use of the principles of colloid and interfacial chemistry.

Harry Allcock Harry Allcock

Harry pioneered a new branch of polymers called polyphosphazenes, which he co-discovered in the 1960s

Allison Beese

Research interests are in experimental and computational multiscale mechanics of materials.

Nichole Brown Nichole Brown

One major focus of Brown's research is the performance of polyvinyl acetate latex adhesives.

Jeffery Brownson Jeffery Brownson

Brownson focuses on methods of reducing the environmental impact from the manufacturer and use of products to create more sustainable designs.

Vin Crespi Vin Crespi

Crespi research group focuses on simulating new and existing materials at the atomic scale using sophisticated computer code.

Melik Demirel Melik Demirel

Demirel's research include designing inexpensive and sensitive biodetection devices that can be used in the doctor's office or at home.

Mary Frecker Mary Frecker

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Frecker is designing a new generation of micro surgical instruments to help overcome the limitations in today’s design.

Assistant Professor Giebink Chris Giebink

New project with Dow Chemical Company to develop advanced flexible and organic electronics.

Aman Haque Aman Haque

Haque works at the boundary of several exciting fields including MEMS, sensors, nanofabrication and nanoscale behavior of materials.

Peter Heaney Peter Heaney

Heaney's research involves characterizing carbonados - porous, polycrystalline diamonds containing 100 nm-200 mm grains.

Associate Professor Saptarshi Das Saptarshi Das

2D flexible and thin transistors, Ultra low power electronics, Electrochemical synthesis of 2D materials, and much more!

Beth Last

Beth works with students on projects across the university – from the space cement program within Civil Engineering, to additive manufactured metals with CIMP-3D.