Impact Research Areas

Penn State Materials Research Institute has ground-breaking research that generates innovations and advances in technologies.  Some of these impact research areas are nanoscale electromagnetics, piezoelectric thin films, materials for energy storage, dielectric materials, cold sintering, and optical fibers.

Research - Impact Research Areas

Materials by Design
Materials by Design

Modeler at the Mesoscale

Indium Tin Oxide: Before & After
Nanoscale Electromagnetics

Fundamental scientific research is at the core of the MRSEC program

Flextensional Actuator
Piezoelectric Thin Films

Giant Piezoelectric Effect to Improve MEMS Devices

illustration of energy flow
Energy Storage

New Materials Meet the Need for Better Batteries and Capacitors

Optical microscope image of a HeLa cell containing gold-ruthenium
Nanobots, Microbots, Motors

Nanomotors are controlled, for the first time, inside living cells

Dielectric Technical Thrust Areas
Dielectric Materials

The New Science of Coupled Magnetics and Electronics

Illustration of optical fiber with high-speed electronic junction
Optical Fibers as High-pressure Microfluidic Reactors

New materials allow optical fibers with built-in electronic function

illustration of DNA polymerase, which acts as a single molecule motor and pump
Optical Metamaterials

Tailored flexible illusion coatings hide objects from detection