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Our Research

A SLIPS coating on a glass substrate
Bio-inspired Engineering

The bio-inspired invention, called slippery liquid-infused porous surfaces, or SLIPS

High-res Image from the TEM
In Situ Characterization

Flurry of innovations in new components that can be placed inside the TEM

Colorized SEM image
2D & Layered Materials and Coatings

One atom-thick substrate of graphene with pristine interfaces between the two layers

Materials for Humanity
Humanitarian Materials Engineering

Socially responsible engineering in the developing regions of the world

Complex metal parts made by additive manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing

"When it comes to U.S. manufacturing, we've lost our swagger, but additive manufacturing will get it back."

Electrocaloric Materials Thermally Functional Materials
Thermally Functional Materials

Electrocaloric effect (ECE) based cooling technology