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Oct 14 2021

A new generation of electronics and optoelectronics may soon be possible by controlling twist angles in a particular type of bilayer 2D material used in these devices, strengthening the intrinsic electric charge that exists between the two layers, according to researchers from Penn State, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Rutgers University. 

Sep 29 2021

Graphene, hexagonally arranged carbon atoms in a single layer with superior pliability and high conductivity, could advance flexible electronics according to a Penn State-led international research team.

Sep 21 2021

Torn ligaments and tendons are the bane of athletes and runners, difficult to heal and often taking months or years of rehab. Currently, the only fix for severe tears is to remove intact ligaments and tendons from another part of a patient’s body, or from a cadaver, and use them to repair a knee or ankle.

Sep 17 2021

From detecting subatomic particles that usher in new discoveries in astrophysics at the South Pole to driving economic development in communities across Pennsylvania, Penn State research is transforming society by furthering our understanding of the world and helping people in our own backyard, according to Penn State President Eric J. Barron.

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